Service Manual
A service manual has a related content to a Workshop Manual. It describes all the processes in great detail and with many illustrations and exploded views. We offer currently licensed service manuals of Volkswagen AG, known as "VAG Repair Manual". Overall, there are an average of 20 to 30 service manuals by each vehicle. Because of the large amount of service manuals for each model we split it up to the single chapters with individual assemblies. For you, this has the advantage that you need to purchase only the modules that you really need by now. You have now access to the most detailed information that a specialist workshop also uses.

Here a list of the different chapters:

- Engine (also motor-mechanics and engine-mixture-preparation)
- Fuel supply and fuel conditioning
- Gearbox (manual, automatic, dual-clutch transmission, etc.)
- Body (interior, exterior, etc.)
- Running gear, axles, steering
- Brake Systems
- Heating, ventilation, air conditioning
- Auxiliary heating
- Electrical system
- Radio, telephone, communication, navigation
- maintenance, inspection and care
- Wiring diagram / schematic / wiring

All chapters together form the complete Workshop manual. In the past it was still an average about 15 to 20 thinner service manuals with a total of about 1,500 pages, so today there is an average about 20 to 30 workshop manuals with a total of about 7,000 pages. Also all documents were previously printed only in black/white, while since 2001 more and more are in color, which provides for greater clarity and an easier handling.

Examples of licensed and with high quality reproduced repair manuals from KFZ-Verlag:

Examples from VAG Service Manuals by Volkswagen:

   1955 - 1965:           1966 - 1975:         1976 - 1980:                      1981 - 1995:

The KFZ-Verlag brings these documents back to print. Only with the "old-fashioned" version as a book, you do not need electricity as in a tablet or smartphone. Also unpopular are oil stains on the tablet or smartphone which is prevented if you are using a book.