Download articles (eBooks / pdf-files)
Table of contents:

1. Payment / Settlement
2. How you get your download
3. Period for download articles
4. System Requirements
5. Saving Download articles
6. Print eBooks

1. Payment / Settlement:

If you ordered a download article (eBook / PDF file) your personal download will activated in your customer account! For this reason it is imperative that you create a customer account with us during the ordering process, e-books can not be purchased without a customer account. If you paid with PayPal, credit card or Sofortüberweisung the activation takes place immediately. For all other payment methods you will receive a seperate e-mail (Monday-Friday) after we activated your download. This takes place after we receive your payment.

2. How you get your download:

You will receive an e-mail from our system immediately after receipt of payment in which your download links are included. For the download keep ready the login data that you have specified when creating your customer account, these are required for the download. If there is a problem with the e-mail you can also alternatively download your ordered items via your customer account. When downloading via your customer account please go to our start page. Click at the top right on "My Account". Login with your customer data and then go to "Your Orders". Go to your desired order and click on "show all". On the next page you will find a point called "Download". There you can download your personal download article by clicking on the name.

Once you have completed the download, the execution of the contract has begun. Our system records this process. At this moment the right of revocation expires prematurely! Please read more in our revocation right. If you have changed your mind you can only cancel as long as the download has not been performed by you.

RECOMMENDATION! Start the download on a desktop PC or notebook this makes it easy to store and back up the data. On mobile devices (tablet, smartphone, etc.) we recommend you switch from the mobile view to the classic view (PC view).

3. Period for download articles:

You have 30 days to complete the download. Every download is activated for 3 times so if something should go wrong during the first download attempt, you have 2 more attempts. Once our system has determined that you have at least completed one download successful, you will automatically receive the invoice via email.

4. System Requirements:

All our e-books / PDFs / download products can be easily opened on any computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.
The operating system (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, etc.) is irrelevant. Only Adobe Reader should be installed on your device, if not you can get the program or app easily and for free on for example Google. If you have any questions please contact us.

5. Saving Download articles:

Please note that you are responsible for backing up the purchased download items. You can copy the downloaded content on your system as desired and use it on your other systems, as far as you do not infringe the copyright (A violation of the copyright for example would be a resale and copying of the downloaded digital content). The KFZ-Verlag is not responsible for loss of data on your systems, so please back up all downloaded content on external drives as USB sticks.

6. Print eBooks:

Our eBooks are only for the view on screen and are locked against printing. Furthermore all our eBooks are provided with a transparent watermark on each page. The printing - also preferably - of eBooks is not possible for private or commercial purposes. We also offer all our eBooks in print form, we do not recommend you to buy an eBook if you need the documents printed.