Workshop Manual
A workshop manual is the most detailed form for comprehensive information on the repair, maintenance and servicing of vehicle. Typically, a workshop manual is issued directly by the manufacturer and is reserved in most cases the authorized workshops. All repair procedures are described in minute detail and illustrated with numerous graphics, images and exploded views. A workshop manual contains, among other specifications, dimensions, notes on special tools, information on the respective quantities and security and repair instructions. An official workshop manual is protected by copyright and in many cases only available in digital format on CD / DVD or an e-book or PDF file. It varies from one manufacturer to another and left to the manufacturers themselves, whether this provides his workshop manuals also free workshops or private individuals. Due to our cooperation with various manufacturers, we continually expand our range and therefore you can offer a wide variety of different brands. Although many people today think that you can't repair your vehicle by yourself because it is too difficult. We prove with our books and detailed documents that it is still possible to repair your vehicle by yourself and save a lot of money.