Repair Manual
A repair manual is the simplified form of a workshop manual. It is designed for hobbyists and provides assistance in the maintenance, servicing and inspection. It further discusses the most common repairs. A repair manual is not generally suitable for an extensive repair to the engine or transmission, this requires either an appropriate workshop manual. A repair manual is not going that much into detail and usually does not explain the required special tools. Normally a repair manual has between 200 to 250 pages.

The main repair manuals from German speaking countries come from Motorbuchverlag and from Delius Klasing / Cornelsen.
Particularly well known are the following book series:

- German Repair Manuals for cars from Jetzt helfe ich mir selbst:

- German Repair Manuals for cars from So wird's gemacht:

- German Repair Manuals for cars and motorcycles from Motorbuchverlag:

In English-speaking countries Haynes, Clymer and Chilton are among the largest publishers in the field of repair manuals.
The most famous book series is called "Do it yourself (DIY)" and "Repair Manual":

- Haynes "Do it yourself (DIY)" for cars, scooters an motorcycles:

- Clymer Repair Manuals for motorcycles and water vehicles:

- Chilton Repair Manuals for cars: