Chapter Explanation of our Workshop Manuals
Our workshop manuals are a kind of service literature, which are used in specialist workshops of Audi, Seat, Skoda and Volkswagen. With the help of these documents you can repair your car professionally. Exactly these documents are used by specialized workshop itself. You will find specifications and detailed descriptions of repair. You will also find descriptions of removing and installing, adjusting and testing. Many graphics, images and exploded views will help you in understanding. Newer documents are in color so everything is more clearly. Disassembly or assembly of the components is very well explained and with appropriate knowledge no problem. Very important are the declarations of required special tools. Without this the repair would not be possible in a professional way. You can prepare optimally so that everything you need is available on the day of the repair.

Since those documents are very extensive, they have been divided into several chapters / assemblies. Below you find a list with short explanations to the individual chapter. All chapters / assemblies together form the complete and extremely comprehensive workshop manual for the entire vehicle.


Provides information on maintenance of the vehicle.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning:

This chapter covers everything related to the heating, ventilation and air conditioning of the vehicle. You need it when your heater or air conditioning is not working. A good example for this is when the heater is not getting warm or the air conditioning is no longer cooling.

Auxiliary heating / Auxiliary heater:

If repairs to the heater or to supplementary heating are required, you need this book. It is an extension to the book of heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

Body repairs / Body repairs interior / Body repairs exterior:

These three chapters deal with everything related to the body. In older models there is only the book to the body repairs which explains the entire body interior and exterior. For newer vehicles there are 2 books, one for interior and one for exterior.

Body Repairs:

This book is required if for example your vehicle had an accident and you need to repair the damage. It describes how you can bring your body expertly back to the original state.

Radio, telephone, communication, navigation:

These books deal specifically with the radio systems, navigation systems and hands-free systems. If you want to for example expand your sound system, it is good to know the pin assignment.

Electrical systems:

In this chapter it is often assumed that wiring diagrams are included. Unfortunately, this is a mistake. This chapter deals with the purely electric systems. For example changing a light bulb.

Schematics / Wiring diagram / Circuit diagram:

Due to the enormous scope especially in newer vehicles there is a book for wiring diagrams for each model. If you have an electrical problem this book will help you to find the bug and to fix it professionally. Even when you are adding something to your equipment schematics and wiring diagrams can be very helpful.

Running gear, axles, steering:

Here you will find all the necessary data and facts about the chassis, axles and steering. If for example your vehicle driving in a straight course to the left or right, you will find how to correctly adjust the track.

Braking / Braking system:

This chapter explains the brake systems of the vehicle. You will find for example how to change the brake pads.

Engine / Engine mechanics / Engine mixture preparation:

These books deal with all issues relating to the engine and also enable extremely extensive repairs. There are books specially for the engine mechanics and other books specially for the engine mixture preparation. The book for engine mechanics explains everything around the engine block while the book for engine mixture preparation explains with the ignition / glow plug system and injection system. If for example the cylinder head gasket must be changed you need one of these books. The same applies when changing the timing belt or timing chain.


These books are divided for the respective gear and usually treat a particular gear. These books go to into detail and describe all the operations to the transmission. This will especially help you with complicated repair work. There are books for the manual transmission, automatic transmission and dual-clutch transmission. If for example your clutch spins and you need to repair it, this book will help you to do it.

Fuel processing / Fuel delivery:

This chapter covers everything related to the fuel supply. If you for example have a problem with the fuel tank or the fuel lines you should take a look at this book.